I & J Business Management Consulting

Formerly MIMPSS has changed name to I & J Pawnshop Business Management Consulting. New office is located at Unit 116 Windsor Mansion Cityland Condominium, Santolan Pasig.

We offer same services from trainings on gold, diamond and gadget appraisal, pawnshop operation and pawnshop business management.

Other Services Offered to small, medium and large scale investors such as :
– Pawnshop set up
– Gadget Pawnshop set up
– Jewelry Loan Services (for Rural Banks and Cooperative Banks)
– Buying and Selling gold and diamond jewelry and gadgets as well
– Lending Business

We cater services that covers all aspects of pawn operations, like:
Inventory Audit (refers to outstanding loans which is very important now a days that malpractice is becoming so rampant not only to pawnshop business but to Banks and Cooperatives that engages in to jewelry loan services as well, as has been reported to us repeatedly. Translation is the assurance that pawned items are all safe and intack inside vault. Connivance can always come from within the inside office most especially when not being well monitored.

Inventory Audit on Sales and Displays
(Refers to foreclose items that has been pulled out from the branch through sorting out ready for display or sale. Translation is the assurance that all foreclose items for pull out from the branch are all correct and that they tally from the record of the bookx of the original entry.

Audit Inventory on Cash Flow (Assurance that transactions for the day have been correctly posted and updated to the designated books of account if operated manually or encoded from the safest POS if computerized.)

Over trusting, too much confidence and reliance could mean and could lead to disappointments, discouragements and frustrations to the business.

For your business protection I & J Pawnshop Business and Management Consulting is here to assist your company in all aspects around the business. Save your business, your company from any losses that might have arise. And sure to munimize and avoid every wrong doings, temptations that are uncontrollable in the operations most specially when learning that your company has hired an Internal Auditor from outside office.
Should be done on a surprise visit.

Try to coordinate and cooperate with us for we are always here to help assist all pawnshops, lending investors, banks and cooperative banks that engage in to jewelry loan service and those in the field of buying and selling gold and diamond jewelry and continuously operating business on the risk. Know that knowledge and trainings that you invested gains self confidence, accuracy and responsibility that could bring in a smooth sailing to the over all operations of the business.

Here’s our contact details:
Viber (globe) 09065118875
Smart            09986530554
Landline (02) 5765347







3 Responses to “I & J Business Management Consulting”

  1. Cherry N. Buot Says:

    When and where po ung training? Meron po ba sa manila area and how much po ang training fees.


      Hi Cherry,

      Training on gold appraisal is every Fridays and for diamond appraisal is every Saturdays. For pawnshop operation schedule is Mondays – Wednesdays, Pawnshop business management on Thursdays.

      We do trainings continuous training or by arrangement on the schedule.

      BSP registration requirements for new pawnshops
      BSP rules and regulations
      Legal aspects
      Standard operating procedures ( SOP )

      Strategic measures
      – Pawnshop policies
      – Mal practices
      – Audit & Inventory procedures
      – Supervision
      – Physical Inventory
      – System on auction sale
      – Accounting system

      Distinguishing the different KARAT fineness in gold
      Procedure in testing gold
      Procedure in appraising gold
      Computation of gold price per karat per gram (loan value/selling price)

      Proper techniques for utilization of the Tools & equipment
      The 4 C’s of a diamond
      Parts of a round cut diamond
      Procedure in testing diamond
      Procedure in appraising diamond
      Advance training on how to properly calculate approximate values of diamonds
      (loan value/market value)


        May call us for further details our contact nos are : (02)576-53-47
        Viber 09065118875 / 09985630554

        Venue is at Unit 116 Windsor Mansion City Land Evangelista St. Santolan Pasig

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