Gold and Diamond Appraisal Training

Here are our comprehensive Training Schedule on gold and diamond appraisal for February 2018

Gold Appraisal (Feb. 3) 10am-5pm

– Proper techniques for utilization of

tools and equipment .

– Distinguising the different karat

fineness in gold.

– Theory and Procedure in testing genuine gold metal from “Fake”

– Procedure in appraising/evaluating gold

– Computation of gold price per karat

per gram (loan value/selling price)”

Diamond Appraisal (Feb. 4) 10am-4pm

– Proper techniques for utilization of the tools and equipment.

– The 4 C’s in diamond.

– Parts of a round cut diamond.

– Procedure in testing diamond.

– Procedure in appraising diamond

– Advance training on how to properly

calculate approximate values of diamonds (loan value/market)

We offer course on Employee Training and Development.

In order to maintain a competitive edge in your marketplace, your company must invest on this kind of trainings. We give focuses on both training of employees for their current jobs and developing skills for their future roles and responsibilities. Through this kind of investment, we guaranty your company to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Starting up a small scale business?

Like, buy, sell, pawn & trade business on gadgets?

Need not worry, cause I & J is here to share with you all the knowledge of how the business goes.

We provide trainings about Gadget Appraisal. What to learn about is as follows:

– Capitalization

– Systems of Operation

– What are the Risks in accepting Gadgets?

– How fast is the ROI?

– How to test and distinguish clone phones to genuine ones.

– Commonly pawned Gadgets.

– General Tips.

– Proper Storage

– Pricing and Marketing Strategies.

Gadgets Appraisal Training by arrangement.

We offer Package Course covering the following modules:

– Pawnshop Operation

– Pawnshop Management

– Gold Appraisal

– Diamond Appraisal

Schedule for package course by arrangement.

We offer:

Online Courses

One on One Tutorials

Corporate Group Trainings


First come first serve base.


VENUE: Unit 119 Oxford Mansion Cityland Evangelista St. Santolan Pasig City


Mondays to Saturdays

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Contact nos.:

Landline no.: (02) 576-53-47

Mobile nos.: (0998)5630554

(0906 (5118875


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