Pawnshop Skill Courses

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur interested in starting a pawnshop? Or a student looking for a career in the pawnshop industry? I & J’s comprehensive hands-on courses are designed to make you a success.

We offer SHORT Courses as follows:


Consume (4) days to complete 

– BSP registration requirements for new pawnshops.

– BSP rules and regulations

– Legal aspects
– Standard operating procedures ( SOP )
– Bookkeeping
– Location
– Security
– Strategic Measures
– Pawnshop Malpractices
– Pawnshop Policies
– Supervision
– Audit & Inventory Procedures
– Physical Inventory
– System on Auction Sale
– Customer Service Relations 


Consume (1) day to complete

– Tools and equipment and the art to use

– Distinguished the different “ KARAT “ fineness in gold

– Theory and Procedure in testing gold

– Procedure in appraising gold

– Formula in computing the conversion of troy ounce into grams

Computation of gold volume per karat per gram (loan value /market value)


Consume (1) day to complete

– Tools and equipment and the art to use

– The 4 C’s of a diamond

– Procedure in testing gold

– Procedure in appraising gold

– Approximate current price range of diamond ( loan / market value 

Starting up a small scale business? 
Like, buy, sell, pawn & trade business on gadgets?
Need not worry, cause I & J is here to share with you all the knowledge of how the business goes.
We provide trainings about Gadget Appraisal. What to learn about is as follows:
– Capitalization 
– Systems of Operation
– What are the Risks in accepting Gadgets?
– How fast is the ROI?

– How to test and distinguish clone phones to genuine ones.

– Commonly pawned Gadgets.

– General Tips.

– Proper Storage

– Pricing and Marketing Strategies.

Gadgets Appraisal Training by arrangement.

We offer Package Course covering the following modules:

– Pawnshop Operation 

– Pawnshop Management 

– Gold Appraisal

– Diamond Appraisal

Schedule for package course is by arrangement.

Class is limited to 10 attendees only.


First come first serve base.

Walk ins NOT allowed.

Office: Unit 116 Windsor Mansion Cityland Santolan Pasig City


Mondays to Saturdays 

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Contact nos.:

Landline no.: (02) 576-53-47

Mobile nos.: 

Viber, SMS or call

Globe : 09065118875

Smart: 09985630554



Consume (1) day to complete 

I & J also offers a PACKAGE COURSE covering modules 1 to 3. Consume (6) days to complete training. Schedule is by arrangement.


Training fee includes:

* Certificate of Attendance

* Hand Outs

* A  life time consultation

For pawnshop with chains, banks with chains who would like to avail of our comprehensive training programs on gold and diamond appraisals, I & J’ s offers a discounted rate of P3,000 per attendee to corporate group, a package of (2) training programs, GOLD & DIAMOND APPRAISAL. A minimum of 25 or more participants to avail of our discounted rate. We will enhance and upgrade the skills of all your staffs to avoid experiencing LOSSES to your company.

We also enhance and upgrade special skills on other aspects of pawn operations on auditing:

Physical Inventory on all pawn (count for a check if all are intact inside vault and re-appraising)

– Cash Position (examine if all transactions were reflected on the cash flow report)

– Controlling factors (to consider the accuracy and effectiveness of your controls over all operational system through computerization base.)


Our Trainings on this matter is very much comprehensive that at any point we wanted your company to have a quality management, quality on planning, control, assurance and improvement. Thus, the company may be secure of experiencing some malpractices like connivances inside and outside office which is very rampant to pawnshops                                                                     

Corporate group seminars/trainings on provincial by arrangement.

Some courses are also offered online and through correspondence. Contact me for details.

Call or email us for confirmation of your schedule.

contact nos.:  Mobile #’s       09065118875 (Globe)  09985630554 (Smart) 09238728440 (Sun)
Landline (02) 5765347

                              email add.:
For more information, use the form below to send I & J Pawnshop Business Management Consulting an email.


17 Responses to “Pawnshop Skill Courses”

  1. Christine Factora Says:

    I am interested in taking your courses. I am currently based in Iloilo but I do go to Manila from time to time. I would like to inquire how long your courses take and if you have a schedule for it. Thank you..

    • Maria Isabel Salvador Says:

      Hi Christine,
      Seminar/Training are usually done on a private tutorial/on-on-one as most inquirees would prefer to. We only arrange schedules for group seminars/trainings. Individual courses will take about 5 hours (half day) while for a package course will be on a five(5) consecutive days on a half day.
      Most of my students from the provinces, would request for a shorten period and we do it whole day for three (3) consecutive days.
      Please do inform me of the schedule you most prefer.

      my contact #s landline (02)2405058
      mobile 0906-511-8875


  2. maggie nicolas Says:

    i am ineterested in package course but i am based here in isabela, i just want to knw if you conduct courses here..

  3. Maria Isabel Salvador Says:

    Hi Maggie,
    If you could invite at least a minimum of 10 participants who are interested to take a package course then I could hold a seminar in your place, Isabela. I got students from other provinces like Iloilo, Tarlac, Bataan and more but they were the ones who came here in manila for the courses.
    Some pawnshop chains from the provinces invite me to come over their place, main office, for a conduction of their staffs (appraisers) training/upgrading their skills on gold and diamond appraisal.
    If you are planning to engage in the industry of pawnshops, I would like to congratulate you in advance because you were very good in choosing the right business, a very profitable one.
    At MIMPSS aside from learning all the topics to be taken up per course module, you will also learn all the secret of the trade and more on hands – on practices in appraising gold and diamond. Will also share to you my experiences, good and bad, from the start of my learning till I got the expertise on both how pawnshop is being operated and managed and on the skill itself.
    Hope we could find ways in meeting up.
    My best regards,

  4. Albert Adao Says:

    Hi Ms. Isabel,

    As discussed, this is to confirm my availability to attend your Gold Appraisal Course this coming Saturday, June 05, 2010.

    Best Regards,


  5. ghia santos Says:

    hi, I just wanna ask if when is the batch of training? I am interested to take the 1 to 4 courses, please reply, I want to take the courses next week, thank you so much…

  6. ghia santos Says:

    hi, I just wanna ask if when is the batch of training? I am interested to take the 1 to 4 courses, please reply, I want to take the courses next week, thank you so much…

  7. ghia santos Says:

    hi ms. Isabel, I just wanna confirm that I am available on August 30, 2010. I’ll just wait for the registration form, thank you so much…

    -Ghia Santos…

  8. irene saldana Says:

    hi i am also from iloilo and would like to take the class. has christine factora taken the class already? maybe we could both take the class here in iloilo?

    • Ma.Isabel Salvador Mendoza Says:

      Hi Irene! will give you the contact # of Christine she wants it also there. I suggest you plan about this and let me know of you plan.

  9. Bernard Says:

    Hello: is your school affiliated with Gem School America? I want to take the pawnbroker training course like the one offered by Gem School America, or if you are affiliated with them, will you be offering any pawnbroker training in the United States? Thanks, Bernard

    • Ma.Isabel Salvador Mendoza Says:

      Hi Bernard! No am not..I am based here in the Philippines and gives training on jewelry appraising & pawnshop operation only here in our country. I can recommend you to my friend Jerry Whitehead of pawnshop consulting group. He can help you with your interest in this field.

      • Bernard Says:

        Thanks for reply. I looked at Mr. Whitehead’s website, and though they offer different courses, they offer nothing for hands-on diamond grading like Gem School America has that pawnbroker training course with hands-on grading with actual diamonds and a top level instructor … sort of like how you teach, actual practical training instead of just reading all theory out of a book. The way you do is the best way.

  10. Luis flavier Says:

    How much po ang training cost?

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