A Pawnshop Consultant/Licensed Auctioneer/Coach

Malpractice in the pawnshop industry is rampant now a days. May be due to low monitoring and quality control system of a company.

Temptations like Conivance between employees can definitely be avoided if a company tries to hire an independent auditors. Auditors from the experts to do the auditing services, most especially, in the most sensitive part of a companys’ operational system.

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Services Offered

– Business Licensure

– Pawnshop Set-up

– Training/Seminar on:

. Jewelry Appraising and Pawnshop Operation and Management

. Gadget Appraisal

.Watch Appraisal

. Enhancement of Employees’ Customer Service Skills

– Jewelry Appraising on gold, diamond, gadget and watches

– Auditing (vault inventory, display inventory and cash flow.

Gold and Diamond Appraisal Training in Davao City


We are pleased to announce that I & J Business Management Consulting is going to start on a provincial tour, as promised, to conduct a seminar/training on Gold and Diamond Appraisal.

Because we have been receiving a lot of letters from areas of davao and cebu requesting us to conduct seminar/training on pawnshop skill courses, and so we decided to choose davao city to do our first.

We are inviting everyone from visayas and mindanao areas to come and join in our first tour class on Gold and Diamond Appraisal.


Gold Appraisal

Isabel S. Mendoza – Pawnshop Consultant/Coach/Auctioneer

Diamond Appraisal

Marcel Angelo Zapata – GIA Graduate

We are calling the attention of pawnshop owners, bankers who are into jewelry loan services who may want to send us their employees for updates and upgrades of jewelry expertise. Small, medium and large entrepreneurs are also invited.

Believe that knowledge and training is a good investment and your investment is sure to get better returns. After seminar/training, we guarantee that our attendees will gain sense of responsibility, trust and confidence, precision and accuracy in performing every task in the business operations. Each one can become a Professional Appraiser of the company.

Here are our comprehensive Training Program:

I. Gold Appraisal

– Proper techniques for utilization of tools and equipment.

– Distinguising the different karat fineness in gold.

– Distinguising platinum from white gold and other metals like silver, stainless steel and more.

– Theory in Testing Gold

– Procedure in Appraising/Evaluating Gold

– Update on Gold Price (How and Where)

– Computation of gold price per karat per gram (loan value/selling price)

II. Diamond Appraisal

– Proper Techniques for Utilization of the Tools and Equipment.

– The 4 C’s in Diamond.

– Parts of a Round Cut Diamond.

– Distinguishing precious stones from semi precious stones and crystals.

– Procedure in testing semi precious stones and authentic crystals.

– Procedure in Testing Diamond.

– Procedure in Appraising Diamond

– Advance Training on How to Properly Calculate and Approximate Values of Diamonds (loan value/market)

For those interested to take the package course, we can arrange this in group.

Package course covers the following:

– Pawnshop Operation (3 days)

– Pawnshop Business Management (1 day)

– Gold Appraisal

– Diamond Appraisal.

In order to maintain a competitive edge in your marketplace, your company must invest on this kind of trainings. We give focuses on both training of employees for their current jobs and developing skills for their future roles and responsibilities. Through this kind of investment, we guaranty your company to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

VENUE: CROWN REGENCY RESIDENCES DAVAO CITY @ JP Cabaguio Ave. Barangay Agdao, Davao City, 8000



Walk ins NOT allowed.

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Attention Pawnbrokers !!!

Dear Pawnbrokers,

Please be reminded that you are responsible for updating on the new rules and regulations of the business. If you have no time to read and browse on the BSP website find time to attend briefings on Pawnshop Regulations at least ones a year.

The New Regulation on Re-registration of all existing pawnshops deadline ended last December, 2017 and was extended up to January 28, 2018. And that those who have not been Re-registered yet will be given the chance to have your pawnshop be Re-registered til April of this year otherwise will be Delisted from the BSP. This case would mean, you are running the business ILLEGALLY.

The application, as per your guide, shall be submitted using the prescribed Data Entry Template (DET) or through online procedure.

For those who have not yet complied
Go to http://www.bsp.gov.ph check on MEMORANDUM NO. M- 2017-007.

If you need our assistance, email us at maisabel.mimpss.mendoza@gmail.com or @i.jbusmgtconsulting@gmail.com

or contact us at nos.: (02)576-53-47 / Mobile (0998)5630554 / (0906)5118875



Be Compliant !!!

BSP Tightens Pawnshop Regulations

MANILA, Philippines – The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has tightened the rules governing pawnshops as the industry plays an important role in building a more inclusive financial system and protecting the welfare of financial consumers.

The central bank’s Monetary Board has approved a new supervisory framework governing pawnshops as part of a series of reforms instituted by the BSP to promote a more responsive regulatory environment for the industry and other non-bank financial institutions.

Under the new rules, the BSP shall put high regard on the fitness and propriety of the pawnshop operators, including its incorporators, directors, partners and officers, by focusing on their integrity, market reputation, competence and financial capacity. 

The new rules also require the pawnshop operators to adopt the applicable BSP Regulations on Financial Consumer Protection mandating the disclosure of the effective interest rate of the loan, including the charges on the transaction to their customers.

Pawnshops are also mandated to inform the customers about the policy on insurance of pawned items, maturity date and grace period in cases when the customer failed to redeem the loan.

The new framework requires the adoption of the network-based approach wherein pawnshop operators are only required to submit a notification to the BSP for the establishment and operation of pawnshop offices instead of the usual approval from the BSP prior to its operation.  

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Auctioneering Services

Monthly duties at GRJ Jaro Pawnshop

Certificate of Recognition From Citystate Savings Bank Inc.

Received a Certificate of Recognition from the Citystate Savings Bank… Given this date, Sept. 3, 2017. 

To the Senior Manager / Head of the Jewelry Loans Department, Ms. Zenaida L. Caga-anan and Ms. Rochelle S. Jinayon of the Human Resource Department – Citystate Savings Bank Inc., I thank you so much for the Trust and Confidence you have had at I & J Business Management Consulting. We look forward to a more fruitful business relationship with your company.

Citystate Savings Bank training on Gold and Diamond Appraisal

And they successfully graduated and finished  training

 on Gold and Diamond Appraisal …


Citystate Savings Bank – Jewelry Loans Department