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Maria Isabel Salvador Mendoza is the culmination of my life’s work in pawnshop operations which I began 30 years ago as a student of my beloved father, Mr. Domingo R. Salvador Sr., the Gemology pioneer in the Philippines. I hold a degree in Accountancy from Jose Rizal College and I am a licensed Auctioneer. I have stayed well versed in the pawnshop industry with continuing education by attending seminars on gold and diamond appraisal and Philippine money laundering laws. My work resume includes pawnshop operations managment, pawnshop consultancy and gold and diamond appraisal. 

Through it all I want to share my skills on the complexities of pawnshop operations with aspiring entrepreneurs and interested students by providing specific courses and training in pawnshop management, pawnshop operations and gold and diamond appraisal.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur interested in starting a pawnshop or a student looking for a career in the pawnshop industry I & J’s courses are designed to make you a success.

Maria Isabel Salvador


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