MIMPSS Training Program


Learn something NEW ..  Something different …  A new kind of skill to invest and start to engage in a small scale business at home …

Our training programs will help guide you to start online business at home such as buy and sell gold and diamond jewelry as well as gadgets and offer a loan to the needy, start with your friends, relatives, friends of friends in replacement of a personal property such as  gold and diamond jewelry, gadgets and even some items of value for a loan collateral ..

For planners of a new pawnshop business and lending investors, it is a MUST for you to take all courses that we offer to avoid mistakes in every steps you take in the business operation for this would mean a lot of losses on your end if you take risk of trial and error method of investing.

For pawnshop operators, single and with chains, MIMPSS is here to help you, your company and staffs, to fully enhance the skills in appraising and management  as well. We provide a comprehensive and very much hands on training because our main vision and objective is to equip entrepreneurs in the pawnshop industry the necessary skills and expertise that assist your investment to get better returns.
We have a class on :

” Diamond Appraisal ” July 18, 2015 ( Saturday ) and August 8, 2015

Time : 1:00 – 5:00 PM

Venue : 3522 Honda St. Brgy. Pinagkaisahan Makati City

  – AND –

” Gadget Appraisal ” July 19, 2015 ( Sunday )

Time : 1:00 – 5:00 PM

Venue : 3522 Honda St. Brgy. Pinagkaisahan Makati City

” Gold Appraisal ” August 7, 2015

Time : 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Venue : 3522 Honda St. Brgy. Pinagkaisahan Makati City

We also offer a package courses that covers aspects of pawn operation.

Details of our comprehensive Training Program:

I.   Pawnshop Operation (2days)

II.  Pawnshop Management (1day)

III. Gold Appraisal (1day)

IV. Diamond Appraisal (1day)

V.  Gadget Appraisal (1day)


– 5 in 1 or complete package for (5) courses ( I to V )

– 2 in 1 or package for (2) courses ( I & II )

– 2 in 1 or package for (2) courses ( III & IV, III & V, IV & V )

For the Packages schedule is by Arrangement.

We include to fees : Certificate of attendance, guideline materials and a lunch and snack


For more queries contact us at nos.: 09065118875 (Globe) 09985630554 (Smart) 09391520485 (Smart) 09238728440 (Sun) or email us at maisabel.mimpss.mendoza@gmail.com or visit our facebook page at mariaisabel.mendoza.14

Topics to be discuss about our comprehensive trainings:

Pawnshop Operations:

– BSP registration requirements for new pawnshops

– BSP rules and regulations

– Legal aspects

– Standard operating procedures ( SOP )

– Bookkeeping



Pawnshop Management :

– Strategic measures

– Pawnshop policies

– Mal practices/ Audit & Inventory procedures

– Supervision

– Physical Inventory

– System on auction sale

– Accounting system

Gold Appraisals:

– Proper techniques for utilization of the Tools & equipment.

– Distinguishing the different KARAT fineness in gold

– Procedure in testing gold

– Procedure in appraising gold

– Computation of gold price per karat per gram (loan value/selling price)

Diamond Appraisals:

– Proper techniques for utilization of the Tools & equipment

– The 4 C’s of a diamond

– Parts of a round cut diamond

– Procedure in testing diamond

– Procedure in appraising diamond

– Advance training on how to properly calculate approximate values of diamonds (lloan value/market value)

Gadget Appraisals:

– Distinguish Clone Fones from Genuine

– History of computers, definition and evolution

– Android OS versus Iphone OS

– Interface of IOS and Android

– Advantages and Disadvantages and more ..

– Pricing and Marketing

Be a part of MIMPSS FAMILY GROUP TEAM if you want to be an expert in this kind of field..






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