Malpractise very rampant in the pawnshop industry, Philippines

Ma.Isabel S. Mendoza, a pawnshop consultant from the Philippines, founder and coach of M.I.M Pawnshop Skills and Services (MIMPSS)and with Mr.Jerry Whitehead, an expert pawnshop consultant from Florida USA, known to be the CEO of the Pawnshop Consulting Group (PCG), together will work hand in hand to pursue our plans of improving and developing the operational and management system in the pawnshop industry in the Philippines.

We as an Independent auditor, examines, monitor and analyze every activity related to a company’s operation including the business structure, employee behavior and information systems. In performing our audit, we review your systems of operation to help you identify issues before they become substantial problems. Helps you identify risky behavior by individual employee and threats posed by inside and outside parties, such as attempts to steal cash or personal property or do any wrongful act or malpractice.

Through the process of internal audit from an independent auditor, we can prevent and control the staffs to do wrongful acts or malpractice like, act of conniving from outside and between staffs and officers in all branches to which is very rampant now a days in the pawnshop industry. The audit will be done on a surprise visit and on a random at times.

The scope of our Internal Audit for all branches, as follows:

1.) Re-appraising all outstanding pawned

a.) Check outstanding pawned if it underwent the right
procedural test and properly appraised, particularly
gold and diamond jewelry as well as gadgets.

2.) Physical Inventory

a.) Check all pawned items if intact inside the vault.

3.) Display Inventory

a.) Check all items if tally to the inventory record.

4.) Cash Flow (check and balance)

a.) Check the daily cash in cash out transactions
b.) Additional funds
c.) Expenses

5.) Monthly audited report (per branch & consolidated)

6.) Evaluation of pawnshop staffs per branch

7.) Pawnshop staffs quarterly meeting

a.) Enhance skill in jewelry and gadget appraisals.
b.) Motivate staffs through an open communication.
c.) Setting up strategical plans to work on hand in hand and put in to action
for the improvement and betterment of the company.

For more information and consultacies:
Contact nos. 09065118875 / 09432905279″ widthimage-35225″ /></a>

Check out website of Pawnshop Consulting Group (PCG)for more information!


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