ZNCB Family Corporation

ZNCB Family Corporation

ZNCB took a training course for Gold & Diamond Appraisals to ensure a company to get better returns of their investment.. Through our extensive training programs, we at MIMPSS strive to develop the very best in quality of service and value for our clients.

Each of our participants receives from us the following:
– Sense of Responsibility
– Precision and Accuracy
– Trust and Confidence

Our training programs are extremely detailed and hands on. We train extensively on how to properly utilize the equipment, how to determine properly values through Application of proper procedural tests and theories during pur active hands on workshops. And after completing our programs our grad students can comfortably move forward adn properly evaluate a wide range of goods that could be presented in any operation anywhere in the world today.


2 Responses to “ZNCB Family Corporation”

  1. Rochelle Pangilinan-Camagong Says:

    Dear Ma’am: We already have a pawnshop operating for 11 months already, but I think our skills are not yet sufficient for us to be successful in this line of business. Can we have a schedules of trainings and seminars so that we can attend for us to be effective and efficient.

    Hoping for your immediate reply.

    Thank you very much.

    • Maria Isabel Salvador Mendoza Says:

      Dear Rochelle, as you requested me for an update of our trainings, we have a class scheduled on nov. 18-21 trainings on pawnshop operation and management and to complete the course for gold and diamond which is going to be held on Nov. 29 & 30.. If you are free and available on this dates please do inform us ahead of time .. Class is limited to 15 participants only for gold and diamond trainings ..

      Hoping that you can come and join us .. Best regards! Isabel Mendoza

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