An open letter to my friends, students and clients – Beware of fraud

My dear friends, students and client,

Some subjects are more fun to write about than others. But when a subject comes along that is unpleasant it still has to be dealt with in an upfront and timely manner regardless of how unpleasant it is. Therefore today I have to make my clients and students aware that I have become aware that there may be an individual calling around pawnshop businesses saying he is connected with either me or my business MIMPSS. Let me state categorically that nothing is further from the truth. At this present time I have authorized no one to use my name or the name of my business in a business transaction. So my dear friends, clients and students if you get a call from anyone other than me that mentions my name or the name of MIMPSS please take note that this is a fraudulent call.  Also please contact me so I can be aware of these calls.

And may I say to the person or persons involved in illegally using my name that I am aware you are out there. I am investigating these incidents as I write and and if I can compile sufficient evidence I will have you prosectued to the full extent that the law allows.

My friends sudents and clients I am sorry to have to burden you with this matter but it must be addressed.




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