When starting a business, learn to use the free media

Starting a business of your own is difficult at best. You will enter the landscape very disadvantaged. You probably don’t have the capital you need. You probably don’t have the name recognition you would like. And you have to compete with established business community. So, how will you manage to get through the maze that stands before most entrepreneurs in the Philippines?

First, you must have a business model. What product or services are you going to sell and who are you going to sell to? Is there a demand for what you are selling? Is there a societal need for your product and services? There has to be.

An important part of any business model is advertising. Just how do you plan to reach the public to offer your product or services? The traditional media of television, radio and newspapers are areas where the established businesses have a big advantage over an entrepreneur entering the business world. Of course, TV and radio advertisements are out of reach for someone with a limited budget. Newspapers may work for some applications but still they can be expensive and still only have a limited reach. For instance, a newspaper advertisement placed in Metro Manila, where I live, will not get you any exposure in the provinces.

So how will you reach the public? Try the free media! There is a new media today that is overturning the old established media business. You have an example of it right here as you read this article. I am writing to you using my free WordPress blog. This is a place where I talk about the pawnshop industry which is my field of business. I often talk of my pawnshop skill training courses of gold and diamond assessing , my pawnshop management courses, pawnshop regulations and the general trends of the pawnshop industry. I have made valuable contacts through this blog and it has a much larger reach than a newspaper. Indeed, I get mail from around the world. And it is all free.

Another internet site that has been of help to me is Sulit.com.ph. Through their business model they allow me free advertisements. Once again, these ads have a much larger reach than newspapers. And since they are free too they fit my budget perfectly.  And once again, I have made valuable contacts through Sulit.com.ph

So while starting a business is a daunting task. Remember that the internet is changing the way people do business. It offers a variety of ways to reach more people for free. You don’t even have to have internet access or a computer as you can access the internet from a café. The free media is something an entrepreneur has to be aware of. It may not be the ultimate success of your business – your skills and product will determine that.  But it does not hurt to be able to reach the public free. So whatever your business is – what are you waiting for?  Get a free WordPress blog and start advertising on Sulit.com.ph today for free.

I only offer WordPress.com and Sulit dot.com as examples because I use them. There many free blogging and advertising sites. You have to do the research and find the sites that work for you. Good Luck!

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