Control & Monitoring system is very important for all businesses, and to avoid the wrong doings/temptations/connivances in a company most specially for a money lending business, Hire an expert from outside company..

MIMPSS is Offering Other Services such as:

Auditing Services: (On a Monthly Retainer fee/Per visit)

Audit on all pledges

– Audit Cash Flow

* Books of account (Extended/Paid & Auction Sale)
* Expenses
* Additional Capital
Audit on Inventory
* Vault Inventory
* Display Inventory
Package for General Audit
Training on Jewelry Appraising is also very crucial, not only Appraisers skill should be equiped with the necessary skills and expertise but also the auditors, and managers as well. In as company, every staff should have a sense of Responsibility, Accuracy, Trust and Confidence and your investment is assured to get better returns..
Business Licensure for Single Proprietorship
– BSP Application for New Pawnshop/Branching
* Package*
DTI Reg., Brgy. Clearance, Mayors Permit, BIR Registration & submission of
requirements to BSP office.
* Assistance for submission of application to the BSP
Business Closure
* To the City Municipality
* Cancellation of the DTI Registration
Compilation of all the requirements to be provided for by clients.
All payments such as taxes/licenses/doc stamps/notarial fees & representation expenses will be provided for by the client.
Auditing for provincials by arrangement

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