A Note to our readers on email communications with MIM Pawnshop Skills and Services

We previously advised you here that our old email address had been comprimised and could no longer be used. We want our readers to know that MIM Pawnshop Skills and Services takes it obligations to keep our readers communications secure very seriously. As of today, we have gone through the site and can report back to you, our readers, that we have removed the old address wherever we found it. You can now feel safe to use the email contact form like the one you see below wherever you find it on the site to contact us. Your communication will be secure as we can possibly make them and we will promptly reply to your message. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we have gone through this trying time with our site.

Very truly yours,


For more information, use the form below to send MIM Pawnshop Skills and Services an email.


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