Jewelry Appraising and Pawnshop Operation Course

PLANNING TO PUT UP A PAWNSHOP   BUSINESS? Guaranteed  to have confidence and with NO hesitation, NO second thoughts of putting up one RIGHT after finishing the course!!!

Maria Gracia Pawnshop Formal Training of Staffs

Staffs of Maria Gracia Pawnshop was given a FORMAL TRAINING on Jewelry Appraising on Gold and Diamond which enhances their skills not only in the ability of appraising but also has developed their confidenciality and professionalism.

Schedule of seminar / training for November 2011..



I. PAWNSHOP  OPERATION   ( 2  days )

  • BSP  registration  requirements  for  new  pawnshops.
  • BSP  rules  and regulations
  • Legal  aspects
  • Standard  operating  procedures ( SOP )
  • Bookkeeping

II. G O L D   A P P R A I S A L    (1 day)

  • Tools  & equipment  usage
  • Distinguished  the  different    “ KARAT “  fineness   in  gold
  • Procedure in testing gold
  • Procedure  in  appraising  gold
  • Computation  of  gold  volume  per  karat  per  gram ( loan value / selling price )

III. D I A M O N D   A P P R A I S A L    ( 1 day )

  • Tools  & equipment  usage
  • 4  C’s  in  diamond
  • Parts  of  a  round  cut  diamond
  • Procedure in appraising diamond
  • Approximate  current  price  range  of  diamond  ( loan / market value )


*  How to determine gadgets if in good condition for pawning  (actual/hands on)

*  Procedure in testing (actual/hands on)

*  Procedure in appraising (actual/hands on)

*  Current price of gadgets per unit models (second hand/pawn value)

III. P A W N S H O P   B U S I N E S S   M A N A G E M E N T   ( 1 day )

  • Strategic   measures
  • Pawnshop  policies
  • Pawnshop Malpractices
  • Supervision
  • Physical  inventory
  • System  on  Auction  Sale
  • Accounting  system
  • Public  Relations  ( PR )


 Single Course  – Gold or Diamond Appraisal (1 day)

             Individual                   Group                # of Participants         Corporate Group        # of Participants         

           P2,500 / head            P1,800 / head                     Min. 10                          P1,500 / head                      Min. 25

Package Course – Gold & Diamond Appraisal  (2 days)

P5,000 / head            P3,000 / head                     Min. 10                          P2,000 / head                     Min. 25

Gadget Appraisal (1 day)

P1,500 / head            P1300 / head                       Min. 10                           P1000 / head                       Min. 25

Gadget Appraisal (Ipod, PSP, Cell Phone, Digi Cam, Laptop)

Online Partial Paymet:  Bank Name    :   BDO  

                                                   Account Name  :   Ma. Isabel S. Mendoza

Account #  :  2460085482

  Branch :  Makro Cainta

Online Registration !!!

Contact nos.: 09065118875 / 09228255424 /  ask for Isabel

email add.:



3 Responses to “Jewelry Appraising and Pawnshop Operation Course”

  1. Gail Says:

    when is your next batch schedule for jewelry appraisal and pawnshop operation training?

  2. Cherry Claire Caballero Says:

    Goodpm Ma’am! When would be your next batch for this year? My Seminar po ba kayo mga July or August? Thank you.

    • Ma.Isabel Salvador Mendoza Says:

      Hi Cherry, I have a schedule on June 8 and 9 – training on gold and diamond, you can join us. As for now am not sure yet of my schedules for a group training. Will email you as soon as we have one.

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