Successful MIMPSS Graduates…Congratulations!!!

All the way from Iloilo City, a mom and a daughter flew here in Manila to attend a seminar on jewelry appraising & pawnshop operation as well as management. The pawnshop has been set up but assured themselves to have the proper knowledge not only on the skill but also on the operation and management as well. Now finally, they have learned the right procedure in appraising, and the right knowledge on how it is being operated and managed, there is now a  confidence in starting up the operation early next year. My Congratulations to the both of you!!! Mrs. Revelita and Christine Factora. Hope to hear some good news from you…More luck!

And to Ms. Monica Navarro, who took the seminar on pawnshop operation, while their pawnshop business is already operational for some months ago, confidently can do better the operations now all alone by themselves. My Congratulations to you Monica and Howie…Hope to hear some good news from you, too…The best of luck!



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