MIMPSS would like to thank Mr. John Salera, a very good friend of ours..He was the one who introduces to us this site (wordpress). This very impressive site as they always say were successfully done all by himself.

” We thank you so much John for this successful site and and also the sulit site you successfully made too. It all worked out not only here in our country but we were also been recognized, I may say all over countries.”

To all who would like to have an impressive site like MIMPSS, just email me and will give you his email address..


One Response to “THANK YOU MR. JOHN SALERA!!!”

  1. Ma.Isabel Salvador Mendoza Says:

    Dear Maria,

    I cannot say I’m not surprised by your post. Thank you very much for the kind thoughts.

    Earlier Iwrote a post here that urged people to use the free media. That was my whole idea about this site. But in that post I also wrote that the free media would not necessarily mke a person a success. Their product or service would do that.

    What i always believed about you was that you had the skills, the experience and the maturity to be a success in the pawnshop business. Therefore you made the blog – the blog didn’t make you.

    As far as passing on my email, please don’t (LOL). This isn’t my line of work. i just did this for a friend. Or as Lennon/Mcartney sang once “From me to you.”

    Love ya,


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