MIM Pawnshop Skills and Services consulting can make a difference in your pawnshop operations

Through my many years in the pawnshop industry I have been employed at every level of the industry. I have managed inventory, performed appraisals and approved transactions large and small. I am familiar with pawnshop regulation compliance, pawnshop security, pawnshop auctions (I am a certified as a pawnshop auctioneer by the BSP) and pawnshop accounting techniques. It is through this lifelong learning in the pawnshop industry that I am able to offer my services as a pawnshop consultant to those just beginning in the industry or to already established pawnshops. I do this as another aspect of MIM Pawnshop Skills and Services.

To gain a better picture of just what kind of consulting MIM Pawnshop Skills and Services has to offer it is probably best to describe what a consult does. A consultant is usually a person brought in from outside the organization to help solve a problem. A consultant offers insight, advice and experienced based strategies that can help an organization more effectively reach its goals by solving problems.  The goal of my consulting is to solve problems and bring more money to the bottom line of a business.

As a consultant I can provide advice about an aspect of the business to make the organization more effective. For instance, as a consultant to an established pawnshop I can analyze their current strategies and make suggestions for improvements. These suggestions might be to provide more staff training, better accounting methods or more security precautions.

Consulting by MIM Pawnshop Skills and Services can help by offering a set of skills or services that compliment the already established procedures within an established organization.  Or, if opening  a new pawnshop is your goal MIM Pawnshop Skills and Services can help by offering strategies to get you started.

Among the areas of expertise that MIM Pawnshop Skills and Services consulting can help you with are:

1.   Pawnshop Business Management

  • Strategic measures
  • Pawnshop malpractices
  • Pawnshop policies
  • Supervision
  • Physical inventory
  • System on auction sale
  • Accounting system
  • Public relations

2.   Pawnshop Operations

  • BSP registration requirements for new pawnshops.
  • BSP rules and regulations
  • Legal aspects
  • Standard operating procedures ( SOP )
  • Bookkeeping
  • Location
  • Security

If you are in need of experienced pawnshop consulting contact MIM Pawnshop Skills and services. I am here to help you.

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