The following are the list of branch personnel of Maria Gracia Pawnshop who just graduated and finished the complete course on GOLD and DIAMOND.  

1.) Antinero, Jay – Urdaneta branch            2.) Barroa, Marwin – PPM branch         3.)Bunda,Richard – Signal branch

4.)Cadion,Rolly – Maharlika branch             5.) Casal,William – Balayan branch      6.)Dahon,Ludimar – Waterfun branch

7.)Dalundong, Edward – Sta.Cruz, Laguna branch       8.)Dime,Mirasol – Lemery branch

9.)Domingo,Rosie – Cainta branch             10.)Elbao, Oliver – Candon branch       11.)Cubangco,Leonila – Taytay branch

12.)Jarven, Saguin – Mariveles branch     13.)Lopez,Brenda – Tuktukan branch  14.)Luceñara,Ma.Lester – Relocation

15.)Vitudio,Ray – Tanay branch

As well as the Operations manager  :  Mr.Robert Del Agua       and       on Audit   :   Mr.Sonny Juanico

My Congratulations to all the graduates!!!   All of them were hired in the pawnshop with ZERO knowledge on the skill. They were just taught from one experienced appraiser to the other.  MIMPSS  taught them the theory and the right procedure in testing gold and diamond for them not to experience anymore accepting FAKE items. It is also important for them to learn the art in using the pawnshop tools, the accuracy in the procedure on testing the jewelry and the personal relationship to pawners for them to be called a “Professional Appraisers.” 

All the fifteen (15) graduates can now be trainors of the different branches of the Maria Gracia Pawnshop.

GOOD LUCK to the new professional appraisers of MGP!!!


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