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“Your Investment is ASSURED” with Better Returns”6

Landline: (02)576-53-47
Globe/Viber: (0906)5118875

Smart/Viber: (0998)5630554

Email: maisabel.mimpss.mendoza@gmail.com i.jbusmgtconsulting@gmail.com

I & J Business Management Consulting Profile

I & J Pawnshop Business Management Consulting (formerly MIMPSS) were formed in 2004 and is a sole proprietorship that is owned and managed by Maria Isabel S. Mendoza.

We provide multiple levels of training and support that are all pawn specific and apply specifically to high-level operations of pawnshops.

Isabel Mendoza has a degree in Accountancy from Jose Rizal College and has acquired the knowledge, skills and experience of running and operating pawnshops under the tutelage of her father – Mr. Domingo R. Salvador , Sr.

Mr. Salvador was one of the Gemology pioneers in the Philippines. From the early 70’s Ms. Mendoza has continually improved and developed her skills and expertise in pawnshop operations, business management, gold and diamond appraisals and other fields relevant to the day to day operations of the pawn business. Ms. Mendoza is a licensed auctioneer and pawnshop consultant and desires to share herknowledge and skills to all interested parties to inform and improve the industry throughout the world today and make us all more competitive and aggressive.




– Sense of Responsibility

– Precision and Accuracy

– Trust and confidence


To equip entrepreneurs in the pawnshop Industry with the necessary tools, skills and expertise to improve their probabilities of success with returns on their investments

We provide a comprehensive training program that covers the following aspects of pawn operations:

* Pawnshop Operations – Day to day operational training systems and techniques
* Pawnshop Management Training – high level managerial training programs for the ongoing day to day aspects of operating stores
* Gold Appraising and Evaluating techniques – programs include all aspects of properly identifying gold content and purity as well as how to evaluate goods presented to lend, purchase or resell the goods
* Diamond Appraising and Evaluating Techniques – programs which would include all aspects of properly testing, describing and evaluating diamonds for lending, selling or reselling in our market places
* General Merchandise Evaluation Techniques – programs that will describe proper techniques to test and evaluate a wide range of consumer electronics and other types of products that are widely accepted in our operations today globally.

In our pawnshop operational course we will instruct on how to register and apply for your new pawnshop license and other required by the BSP our governing agency along with the complete guidelines and checklist of requirements you will have to have to apply for your license(s). This comprehensive course all covers all of the rules and regulations and the legal aspects of obtaining and retaining your licenses to conduct business in the Philippines.

Our comprehensive operational systems training includes developing and setting up your own operational system (SOP), the associated security measures which is very important to maintain the integrity in the operations and personnel, strategies as to interest rates or pawn convenience fees that we can charge, loan to value ratios for goods presented as well as strategies on how to sell foreclosed items or forfeited items from your client base.

We will assist on how to develop your appraising areas and general setups and configurations for your stores as well. Proper record keeping and or bookkeeping is also an area that will be covered in our general management training programs. We provide comprehensive training in these areas as the BSP or our regulatory agency requires that all pawnshop keep detailed records that includes up to 6 sets of books of client accounts and activity and all daily transactions. This is one of the most important aspects of what we train on and is comprised of more than 30 years of our active experiences owning, running and operating pawnshops in the Philippines.

In the comprehensive pawnshop management course, we will discuss all aspects about the contract processes for the staff and appraisers, vault personnel, cashiers as well as trainees. Proper implementations of pawnshop policies are also important to maintain the integrity of your growing pawn business as well. Comprehensive monitoring and control systems on the part of employees, proper techniques to keep the books of records or accounts up to date of your outstanding loans, physical inventory, cash flow and much more.

Increasingly in our environment today, internal theft and mal-practice is very rampant in our industry usually due to lack of skills in how to properly manage, account for and audit stores, transactions and personnel.

In our industry properly appraising and qualifying of goods and customers is extremely critical. Training is an absolute must. I & J’s will instruct and teach every aspect of testing gold and diamond jewelry and a wide range of consumer electronics and more.

I & J’s Mission and Vision statement is “to equip entrepreneurs in the pawnshop industry the necessary equipment, skills and expertise that assist your investments to get better returns.”

Outline for our comprehensive training programs are as follows:


Consume (3) days to complete

– BSP registration requirements for New Pawnshop

– Legal aspects

– Standard operating procedures ( SOP )

– Bookkeeping




Consume (1 day) to complete

– Strategic Measures

– Pawnshop Policies

– Pawnshop Malpractices

– Audit & Inventory Procedures

– Physical Inventory

– Supervision

– Systems on Auction Sale

III. GOLD APPRAISAL (10:00 AM – 5:00 PM)

Consume (1) day to complete training course.

– Proper techniques for utilization of the Tools & equipment

– Distinguish the different KARAT fineness in gold

– Theory and Procedure in testing gold metal if “Genuine” or “Fake”

– Procedure in appraising/evaluating gold (loan value/selling price)

– Computation of gold rate per karat per gram (loan value/selling price)


– The Proper techniques for utilization of the Tools & equipment

– 4 C’s of a diamond

– Parts of a round cut diamond

– Procedure in testing diamond

– Procedure in appraising diamond

– Advance training on how to properly calculate approximate values of diamonds

(loan value/market value)


  • Why Gadgets?
  • What are the Risks in accepting Gadgets?
  • How fast is the ROI?
  • How to test and distinguish clone phones to genuine ones.
  • Commonly pawned Gadgets.
  • General tips.
  • Proper storage.
  • Pricing and Marketing strategies.


We also offer a complete line of services which include:

· Pawnshop design layout – to include RETAIL space, fixtures and design concepts

· Branding / Name concepts or other

· Complete licensing / registering BSP and others

· Security concepts

· Human Resource necessities – including KEY personnel

· Management or key personnel contracts

· Development of initial pay/compensation concepts programs for ALL personnel

· Initial staff / training / support / supervision

· Marketing programs and concepts to KILL the competition

· ALL aspects of day to day operations Including all aspects of running the store(s) on day to day basis

· Software systems or technology development / integration

· Multi-store supervision, systems and management controls

· As part of the store opening package, suite of services would include:

– Bayad Bills Payment Center

– Travel and Tour Services

– Prepaid Card/Loading Station

– Money Remittanc

– Express Courier Services

– Money Changer


Existing Pawnshops who were trained at us:

1.) Maria Gracia Pawnshop (150 locations nationwide)

2.) JPA Pawnshop (12 locations) 

3.) De Leon Pawnshop (38 locations)

4.) SMSP Pawnshop (Single store)

5.) JS Pawnshop – (4 locations) 

6.) Belle Pawnshop (Single store)

7.) Mark Anthony Pawnshop (Single store)

8.) LGRS Pawnshop (Single store)

9.) Danielle’s Pawnshop (Single store)

10.) Rural Bank of Pozorrrubio (4 locations)

11.) Metro Gold Pawnshop (Single store)

12.) Christine Grace Pawnshop and Jewelry (2 locations)

13.) Y&B Pawnshop (Single store)

14.) Elite Pawnshop (Single store)

15.) 24K Pawnshop (3 locations)

16.) Cashmere Pawnshop (Single store)

17.) Golden Sun Pawnshop (Single store)

18.) Rueve Pawnshop and Jewelry (Single store)

19.) Rural Bank Labason, Inc. (4 locations)

20.) Rural Bank of Luisiana (3 locations)

21.) Pawnstar Pawnshop (Single store)

22.) PCG Pawnshop (Single store)

23.) First Fort Knox Pawnshop (Single store)

24.) REO Pawnshop. (Single store)

25.) HTR Pawnshop (Single store)

26.) L & C Pawnshop (Single store)

27.) Divriel Pawnshop (Single store)

28.) C4 Pawnshop. (Single store)

29.) Sofia Pawnshop. (Single store)

30.) Quick Loan Pawnshop (multiple stores in Quezon province)

31.) Zamboanga Del Norte Cooperative Bank, Inc. (8 locations)

32.) Rural Bank of Canlubang, Inc. “Planbank” (3 locations)

33.) Magnetic Pawnshop (Single store)

34.) Lucban Pahiyas Pawnshop (Single store)

35.) Erus Maerd Pawnshop (Single store at Resorts World)

36.) GPRS Pawnshop (5 locations)

37.) ACME Pawnshop, Inc. (5 locations)

38.) ACME Jewelry, Inc. (5 locations)

39.) Cantilan Bank, Inc. (multiple locations in Mindanao)

40.) Channel of Gold Pawnshop (5 locations)

41.) Mackaye Pawnshop (Single store)

42.) Sta Monica Pawnshop (6 locations)

43.) BHF Pawnshop and Jewelry Store (9 locations)

44.) CBE Estrada Pawnshop (34 locations)

45.) PATECI Lending Investor ( Single store)

46.) Sawasde Pawnshop (Single store)

47.) GPP Pawnshop (8 locations)

48.) RL Pawnshop (Single store)

49.) DivineBelle’s Pawnshop (Single store)

50.) Gold Mine Pawnshop (Single store)

51.) MCKaye Pawnshop (Single store)

52.) GemWorld Pawnshop and Jewelry (Single store)

53.) Rural Bank of Oroquieta (Single store)

54.) JPT Tambunting Pawnshop (multiple locations nationwide)

55.) Veterans Pawnshop, Inc. (multiple locations nationwide)

56.) Meycauayan Second Rural Bank, Inc. (2 locations)

57.) SISBI Pawnshop (Single store)

58.) BHF Pawnshop (9 locations)

59.) Tambunting Pawnshop Group (multiple locations nationwide)

60.) 700 Pilars Pawnshop (3 locations)

61.) My Citi Pawnshop (Single store)

62.) Sun Gate Pawnshop, Inc. (16 locations)

63.) Citizens Bank Inc. (4 locations)

64.) Our Lady of La Salette (Single store)

65.) RBG Enterprises (Single store)

66.) Odriel Pawnshop (Single store)

67.) Rex Express Pay and Pawnshop (Single store)

68.) Universal Pawnshop (Single store)

69.) Pazalonia Pawnshop, Inc. (22 locations)

70.) Lucky Dragon Pawnshop (SIngle store))

71.) Garcia Pawnshop (8 locations)

72.) Gold Oar Pawnshop (Single store)

73.) Victoria Court HillCrest (multiple locations nationwide)

74.) JPX Pawnshop, Inc. (4 locations)

75.) VPS Pawnshop (Single store)

76.) Jaro Pawnshop (69 locations)

77.) LAJ Jaro Pawnshop (22 locations)

78.) CVM Pawnshop and Money Changer Corp. (130 locations)

79.) PTS Gadget Pawnshop (6 locations)

80.) GPP Pawnshop (Single store)

81.) Rural Bank of Cuenca, Inc.

82.) Rural Bank of Tibiao, Antique

83.) Buhay at Hanapbuhay Lending (Single Store)

84.) P.A.R Citizen’s Pawnshop  (4 locations)

85.) Citystate Savings Bank (multiple locations nationwide)

86.) SamStar Pawnshop (Single store)

87.) My City Pawnshop (SIngle store)

88.) Pawnlandia Pawnshop (Single store)

89.) Rose Pawnshop (Single store)

90.) Agencia Kimsan Pawnshop (8 locations)

91.) LCL Pawnshop (Single store)

92.) Golden Arm Pawnshop (8 locations) 

93.) Thea Mea Jeweller (Single store)

94.) Pawnhero Pawnshop (Single store)

And a lot more who took courses on gold and diamond and are now engaged in buying and selling of gold jewelry.


14 Responses to “I & J Business Management Consulting Profile ”

  1. Ma.Isabel Salvador Mendoza Says:

    MIMPSS is giving an actual hands on training on how to distinguish the different fineness/karatage in gold. How to determine a metal if gold or fake..or “halo” as we termed it..or to determine the metal if it has “palaman” or “bomba” as we termed it again..
    And to determine if a metal is gold or fake, there are procedures in testing that must be followed. With the procedures,you will also learn about the computation on how to convert ounce into grams to get the price of gold per karatage. This makes you complete your gold appraising.. guidelines will be given as to the selling price and pawn value of gold.

    This course helps you to prepare also in a small scale business like “buy and sell” gold jewelry. Or when learned, you will not be fooled anymore by any jewelry sellers.

    A one day course, guaranteed that you will learn the course. It is a must that you constantly practice the procedure to make it perfect and later gets the expertise.

  2. Raimond lamadrid Says:

    aw much for the whole package gold n diamond appraisal including full pawnshop operation ,?am very much interested.

    Am from pampanga

    • Maria Isabel Salvador Mendoza Says:

      Hello Raimond, fee for the package course is P10,500 per person and coverage is pawnshop operation, management, jewelry appraising on gold and diamond. Training consumes 5 days to complete. You can contact us at nos. 09065118875/09391520485

      • Raimond lamadrid Says:

        Tnx for replying asap, kindly send me schedule of seminars pls

      • Maria Isabel Salvador Mendoza Says:

        If you can send us your email address pls.. We have class on May 9 (Saturday) on gold appraisal time will be from 9am til 5pm

    • Maria Isabel Salvador Mendoza Says:

      Hi Raimond, the complete package course is P10,500/head and covers the 4 courses on jewelry appraising on gold and diamond, pawnshop operation and management. It will consume 6 days to complete. Schedule is set by arrangement. We can set up dates both convenient for us. Let me know when you’re ready. my contact nos are ; 09065118875 / 09391520485 / 09985630554 / 09238728440

  3. gkzabanilla Says:

    Hi im GK of Caloocan and im very much interested in appraising gold and evaluating its purity. May I know how much is seminar fee and the schedule please. Thank you.

    • Maria Isabel Salvador Mendoza Says:

      Hello GK, fee for gold testing and appraising is P2,500/head inclusive of certificate, guideline materials and lunch and snack. It is held every Saturdays. Thanks for the inquiry.

    • Maria Isabel Salvador Mendoza Says:

      Hi GK we have class on gold testing and appraising on June 19 this coming friday. Class will start at 9am and ends at 5pm.

  4. Cristina Says:

    Hi im cristy im interested to put up a pawnshop could uou please send me soem details at jellyace_c@yahoo.com thank you god bless


    Hi Maam Isabel. I am interested to set up this kind of business. Could you please send me how much is the whole package to learn everything about this business before setting up.Thank you!


      To Ms. Imelda Mapili, fee for the complete package course is P12,000, it covers 4 courses; pawnshop operatio, pawnshop business management, gold & diamond appraisal. It will consume 6 days to complete them all.

  6. roocba Says:

    Fabulous, what a weblog it is! This weblog provides helpful data to us,
    keep it up.

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